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Name:Landon Rollins Carter
Birthdate:Mar 21
"Her love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it.


Landon Rollins Carter was that rebel in High School. You know the one. Always in trouble but not really caring. Just barely scraping by in his classes? Yeah that was him. One night hanging out with his friends a hazing incident goes wrong and a boy is put in the hospital. Everyone scrambles and leaves except Landon who stops to help. Since he stayed behind he wasn't able to get away and faced expulsion even if it was not during school hours. Instead his punishment was participation in various after-school activities, including janitorial work and the spring musical, where he meets very religious Jamie Sullivan, the only daughter of his mother's church's pastor, Reverend Sullivan. Having trouble with his lines he turns to Jamie for help. She agrees as long as he doesn't fall in love with her. Something he doesn't see happening because they are so different.

They do become sort of friends and she tells him about her wishlist of things she wants to accomplish in life, refusing to tell him what number one is. The friendship becomes strained once more when in front of his popular friends he mocks her. The progress he'd made shttering in her eyes and she refuses to help him any longer. Landon learns the script on his own and tries to perform random acts of kindness to get her forgiveness. He is captivated by her on stage during the play in her elegant dress and make-up and Landon realizes how he feels about her. Before the play ends he kisses her which was not scripted. When his friends play a cruel prank on Jamie it's Landon to her aid and he turns his back on those friends. Jamie finally accepts his advances as sincere and agrees to a date, with her father's grudging permission. The two begin to fall in love, as Landon helps her accomplish things on her wish list. Jamie's faith in him has Landon believing in his ability to be a better person: he now wants to go to college and enter medical school where he once merely wanted to flee his small town life.

It's as they fall more and more in love that Jamie reveals to Landon the secret behind her father's protectiveness: she has leukemia. Later Jamie withdraws while Landon despairs, even driving for hours to ask his rich, estranged cardiologist father to help Jamie. After Landon comes to terms with the reality of Jamie's condition and in the face of his insistence in being with her, the pair make up. Meanwhile, Landon continues to fulfill the wishes on Jamie's list. Jamie is released from the hospital, revealing that Landon's father has paid for her to continue receiving private health care at home. During a stargazing session, Landon proposes to her, unwilling to let her time run out before her number one wish is fulfilled. They marry in the church she had dreamed of, with all their friends in attendance and her father officiating the service. The two of them live a short, happy life together until Jamie dies at the end of the summer.


Four years after Landon graduates High School he comes back home and meets with Reverend Sullivan and returns a book that had belonged to Jamie's mother. Reverend Sullivan tells Landon that he and Landon's mother are proud of him entering medical school, and that he is sure that Jamie would have been proud of him too. Landon apologizes to Reverend Sullivan that Jamie never got to witness her miracle, but Reverend Sullivan assures him that she did witness her miracle; it was Landon himself.

This renewed faith drives Landon through medical school. Now having finished his internship and residency Landon is starting his life. It's now been fifteen years since he lost his wife Jamie. He works in a hospital in Chicago as an Oncologist. Giving back by helping others who went through what Jamie went through. He's had a few failed relationships but he knows when he meets the right person? He'll just know and like Jamie she'll sneak up on him when he doesn't expect it.


Disclaimer: Landon Carter is not mine, he belongs to Nicholas Sparks author of A Walk to Remember. His pb is Shane West, who portrayed the character in the movie adaption of the book. He belongs to himself. His life post book/movie ending is fanon and created by me. I thought it would be fun to explore him older, and finally accomplishing medical school and becoming a doctor. Muse and mun over 18.

I can also play a younger more canon Landon, but prefer the au older Landon.
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